transitus, us, m., passing. passage, 1 C. 16:7.*

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  • Transitus — is the name given to a year in a number of independent schools in Scotland. As the name would suggest, this year is offered as a bridge between primary and secondary education.Transitus replaces the final year of primary education used in state… …   Wikipedia

  • TRANSITUS — seu Fretum Broverii, aut Cerevisiae coctoris, Belgis hel Browers passage, Gall. le passage de Brasseur, pars maris Australis ad Ortum Freti Maerei, et Ins. Statuum detecta et lustrata A. C. 1643. ab Henrico le Brasseur, Praefecto classis Batavae …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • Transitus — Der Transitus (lat. Übergang, Durchgang) als rein musikalische Figur bezeichnet Durchgangsdissonanzen, also dissonierende Verbindungstöne zwischen konsonanten Klängen. Der Begriff transitus ist seit Christoph Bernhard gebräuchlich, zuvor… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Transitus Fluvii — est un alphabet ésotérique de 22 caractères décrit par Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa dans son Troisième Livre de De occulta philosophia (1513). Il dérive de l’alphabet hébreu[1] et est semblable à l’alphabet des Anges (Celestial Alphabet) et à… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • TRANSITUS Israel — quô loci per siccum Iordanis alveum, aquis a dextra ingredientium consistentibus, cum, quae a sinistris erant, in mare mortuum omnes defluxislent, latissimâ viâ, magnô Dei miraculô, in terram promissionis transierant Israelitae …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • Transitus Fluvii — Infobox Writing system name = Transitus Fluvii type = Alphabet time = 16th Century languages = Derived from Hebrew fam1 = Hebrew creator = Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa sisters = Celestial, Malachim sample = Transitus aleph.jpg imagesize = 75 x 90… …   Wikipedia

  • transitus — tran·si·tus …   English syllables

  • transitus — /traenzatas/ Passage from one place to another; transit. in transitu, on the passage, transit, or way (See also in transitu) …   Black's law dictionary

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  • transitus — ˈtran(t)səd.əs, ˈtraan , nzə , ətəs noun ( es) Etymology: Latin, passage, transit more at transit : transit of a person or property en route from one place to another compare stoppage in transitu …   Useful english dictionary

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